"Lowering the Boiling point and Raising the Conversation on Incentive Travel"

Distinguish Yourself at Work and in Life



In this session, Melissa Van Dyke, President of the IRF will dissect the most current research to show us how CEOs views of non-cash incentives are changing, the market for Incentive Travel is growing, and how we all can elevate the conversation to ensure our programs are defensible and impactful.

Victoria Raymont, President, The Raymont Group, is an ‘Aha’ maker, moving audiences to powerfully influence their impact, positively shape their career and purposefully focus their success.  Your impact as a leader is staggering, whether it’s intentional or not!  In this session we’ll look at elevating your leadership impact, maximizing your executive presence and getting the results you really want. It takes more than aspiration and experience to stand out, professionally or personally.



August 9, 2016 Education Day Speakers