From Amy: 

"I had the opportunity to attend the SITE Young Leaders Conference Oct. 8-9, 2017 as the recipient of the Jane Schuldt Leadership Scholarship. My biggest take away was from Greg Bogue’s session on creating memorable events. Even though my current position does not involve event planning, the heart of Greg’s talk was meaningful communication and how to make sure we are listening to our clients so that they feel truly understood. Once that communication happens, it leads to a final product is memorable, impactful, and something that will stay with the client far into the future.

 I also really appreciated that the conference built in time to network with peers and veterans in the industry; in particular, the panel session with former Young Leaders and the cocktail hour with the International Board of Directors. This kind of in-person connecting would not be possible in other circumstances, so I’m very grateful to the SITE MN Board for allowing me this opportunity."

SITE Minnesota was also pleased to sponsor our SITE MN Young Leaders Co-Chair, Karina Kern, to attend this terrific Young Leaders conference. 

From Karina: 

Thank you to the Minnesota SITE Chapter, I had an amazing opportunity to fly to Las Vegas to attend the SITE Young Leaders Conference in early October. I used this experience to be a listener and observer so I could soak everything in and bring back the knowledge to our group. After a full day of listening, the conference finished with a panel. I had so many questions to ask, so the panel ended up being my favorite part!  All of the young leaders were able to get questions out that they may not typically ask in front of their mentors.  I also really appreciated the International Board of Directors joining our happy hour. It was wonderful to meet all of these  amazing, down to Earth mentors. Thanks SITE MN – I learned so much!

Congratulations to Amy Kroll, our 2017 Jane Schuldt Leadership Scholarship recipient.